Online application – things to consider

Starting your online application

Regardless of an institution you are applying to, your admission process will involve some sort of an application form. These can vary based on the country, institution, mode of attendance, level of education and in some cases time of the year. Often application forms require you to provide personal information, academic background, work experience and … Continue reading Online application – things to consider

Applying to a university – choosing a career pathway

Sooner or later everyone faces a question - should I get a degree? It doesn't matter whether it is a bachelor level or master degree, you will need to go through a similar decision-making process and think about: What career should I pursue? What programme will get me the exact skills and knowledge I need? … Continue reading Applying to a university – choosing a career pathway

Welcome to Prospective Student Advice

Are you currently considering applying to a university and are uncertain where to start? Choosing university might be a difficult process as it involves high personal and financial investment. In this blog I will try to give you as much advice as possible to make sure that you get admitted on a degree of your choice. You will find … Continue reading Welcome to Prospective Student Advice