Welcome to Prospective Student Advice

Are you currently considering applying to a university and are uncertain where to start?

Choosing university might be a difficult process as it involves high personal and financial investment. In this blog I will try to give you as much advice as possible to make sure that you get admitted on a degree of your choice.

You will find tips covering the whole admission process: from choosing a university, making an application, advice on writing CVs and cover letters, what to do during the interview, to general useful advice on how to enhance your profile as a candidate.

Hopefully this website will give you reassurance and support to get the best education to successfully head-start a career of your dreams.

The reason behind this blog

I have been working in student admission and recruitment for several years now, having met many candidates for both bachelor and postgraduate level programmes in different Higher Education institutions. I believe in the power of education and its ability to unleash great potential in people.

Having gone through thousands of cover letters, CVs and application forms I have developed a certain framework of what works well and what candidates should pay a close attention to, when submitting their applications. There are certainly many DOs and many DON’Ts that I would like to share with you, as sometimes following a small tip can make a crucial difference, especially when you are applying for top universities that have high selectivity standards.

I believe that everyone has something that makes them unique, however sometimes it is difficult to see it at once. Hopefully, with my advice you will be able to find your niche strength that differentiates you from everyone else and use it to get admitted on a great programme that will open the whole new world for you.

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